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SEASON 2009-2010
SEASON 2009-2010
SEASON 2009-2010 SEASON 2009-2010
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SEASON 2009-2010
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The year 2009/2010 we discovered new regions such as “North West Territory” Canada, “Aberdeenshire” in Scotland or the area of St Petersburg in Russia. We personally went to some territories in order to check the quality of our partners. Verdon Wild Life is above all a relay between hunters, constantly in the search of new emotions, and local people who want you to discover their native land.

July announces the beginning of the rut of the roe-deer, with some beautiful hunting parties in prospects. We hunt in the south west and the south east of France, on territories of plain and mountain. A new territory this year with the discovery of the Scottish moors. A hunt of stalking in a new landscape but for all that very pleasant. Many animals are present, in the middle of the grouses and varied hares, a good physical condition is necessary to pace up and down the hills in the middle of the waterlogged heathers. October arrives, with the rut of the stag which allowed this year, the harvest of very large specimens with one of more than 260 points CIC. The mouflon’s rut was short but very intense with very active animals. A rigorous management was applied to the wild boars population with strict instructions during driven hunt which leave a next season rich in animals. Two Spanish territories were visited by us, for the hunting of the famous red partridges and the mythical “Capra Hispanica”.

July 2009, the dream approaches. After 2 days of transport, 4 planes and an helicopter, we arrive finally at the base camp located in the “north west territories” on the Canadian ground. There, our guides wait us for the next day setting out again each hunter in a valley to track the white sheep, the “Dall Sheep”. The helicopter drop us by binomial (1 hunter X 1 guide) at the bottom of a valley which will be our hunting area during several days. A summary base camp is assembled and the sheep’s research can start. A group of females is observed, then 5 rams to approximately 1,5 km. At this period it’s possible to hunt 24h/24h but we must wait the day after our dropping day to start the hunt, Canadian law. The day after, at 5:00am we start a long walk in direction of the sheep rams observed the day before. During the day we will not find our small herd of males but only some females and young. The guide reassures me by explaining to me that the rams have certainly passed to the other side of the mountain, the side which we didn’t have time to explore today. The following day a new rise starts to try to find the same group of males observed now 2 days ago. The hope starts to decrease when the guide tell me to go down, my eyes find immediately the white spots at approximately 500 meters down in the valley. It’s our rams on the number of 5, the telescope confirm to us the presence of a full curl ram. 2 hours later the sheep is at my feet with a trophy of more than 40 inches, which places it in the most beautiful of the season. Unforgettable memory. The very professional organization proposes also to hunt the white goat, the giant moose, the black bear and the mountain caribou. Some animals can be hunt in to combo during the same trip. We book immediately for 2012 for giant moose hunting party.

In Burkina, an important quantity of water at the beginning of the season made the hunt a little more difficult, but a large concentration of Buffaloes were observed, allowing each hunter to get their animal. Kobas, waterbucks and other antelopes are always here. Small games are in quantities with many ducks as ever observed before on the Kompienga’s dam, located has a few kilometers of the hunting camp.
Namibia is always regular to itself. This country will enable you to mix, if you wish it and why not in family, a stay of hunting and relaxation with the discovery of many riches, such as the “desert of Namib” and the “National Park of Etosha”,….fishing trip possible.
Tanzania remains the ground of the mythic safaris. With more than 3 millions hectares between Selous and Masaï and around ten camps, our partner is one of the oldest companies of safaris in Tanzania. Elephants (large tusk with nearly 37 kg the last season), lions, leopards, buffaloes, elands, sables, kudus ...... will be here.

Having received Russian customers during the last winter, on our territory in the Var, we made contact with one of their contacts for the month of May going listening to the song of the capercaille, meeting at the beginning of May at the airport of St Petersburg. The hunting territories are between 100 and 300 km out of the city. We find here the capercaille, the black grouse, the grouse, the woodcock, but also some big game like european moose and the brown bear. In May only the hunting of the capercaillie during the song is permitted. We will concentrate on this mode of hunting, new for the hunters which we are, and very surprising. During the bridal parade the cock realise a song look like the sound of a cork at the time of the opening a bottle. At the end of this, which lasts a few seconds, the sound changes, this time the cock becomes deaf and blind during approximately 3 seconds. It’s at this moment the hunter must stalk few steps. The operation is repeated several times to try to arrive under the animal which is generally perched with approximately 15m of the ground. We could observe many birds, until 18 singer’s cocks on the same place. An atypical hunting, to discover.

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