A fantastic breeding place, exceptionnal animals.
Animals such as venison, deers, chamois, ibex, but mainly stags and moufflons from our brreding farm has gained a reputation that travels behond the french border. Their weight, corpulence, but mainly their trophies are exceptionnal, and they are ranked among the best in the world.

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Several factors can explain our success:

You can find in Europe hords of wild animals well known for their qualtiy.
We have selected the best of them and we have imported them.
After 12 years of genetic selection, we managed to obtain an international reputation. One of our animal, with 288 points CIC, and a trophie of 33 cors, ranks among the best in the world.
We also expect excellent results on future generations.

We produce every year about 40 moufflons, they will gain trophies for sure.
Our best gold medals obtained 230 to 240 points on the CIC chart.
Our longest horns can reach more than a meter.
Our moufflons, like our stags are ranked among the best in the world.
Our yearling stags carry up to 18 cors, increadible performance for all deer lovers.
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