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Game meat and our all Verdon Wild Life products are of first quality

Game Meat is not only very tasty and also has excellent dietic factors. It is not very rich in fat and cholesterol level is very low. On the other hand it is very rich in proteins and low in calories. The meat issued from our animals is increadbly tender and tasty.

The Game Meat we offer you is issued from our breeding farm, all animals are raised the natural way, free to travel on 600 hectares of land. They eat all year long, herbs, trees, forest fruits and mushrooms. During some period of the year where the weather doesn’t give them adequate proper and complete feeding, we will give them additonnal natural food such as hay, lucern, cereal,…)

Animals are selected during their second year, which offer the best savor and tenderness of the meat. Afterwards, meat is properly packed according to the lastest hygiene requirements.

Fresh Meat :
Fresh Meat is available in full or half carcass, some special cuts can be ordered upon request.

We can handle delivery, please contact us.

Transformed products :
Verdon Wild Life produces all of its products the old fashioned way from animals raised in its own breeding farm (Stags, Boar, Mouflons)

· Air Dried Stag meat the natural way in our mountains.
· Stag, Boar, mouflon Dried sausages « Saucissons »
( 35% of game meat + ground pork, no added colors and preservative Free ).
· Stag, Boar, mouflon « Patés »
( 40 % of game meat + ground pork, no added colors and preservative Free )

Truffles :
Verdon Wild Life offers truffles Tuber Mélanosporum grown in its own priviledged territory.


Please consult us for prices and delivery terms.

Tél. 00 33 (0) 4 94 85 69 23 - Fax. 00 33 (0) 4 94 85 68 30
You can also contact us by mail:    


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